Semantic Web Fact Book 2005

Acaba de llegarme un correo de Miltiadis D. Lytras, responsable de AIS SIGSEMIS, indicando la disponibilidad de un libro (Factbook) preliminar que recoge diversos artículos sobre Web Semántica enviados por investigadores y profesionales de prestigio en dicha área. La versión definitiva del Factbook estará disponible en Junio.

Indicar que en el documento aparecen referencias a investigadores españoles como, Asunción Gómez Pérez (UPM), Richard Benjamis (iSOCO) y Oscar Corcho (Univ. de Manchester) (miembros del CP de las JSWEB 2006). Así mismo se cita a las JSWEB 2005 como una de las Jornadas Españolas de referencia del año pasado.

El texto del correo que me ha llegado es el siguiente:

" Dear All

The preliminary version of Semantic Web FactBook 2005, is available for download at:

[Full version will be online at late June due to the great number of submissions]

I have to say a great thank you to all the contributors, and to ask their understanding for the delay of the publication of the whole fact book [this will answer the question of many contributors why their submission is not available in this edition]. We are working very hard on this.

My greatest thank you to Tanja Sieber and Florian Brauch for their great support. They spent many hours and with their professionalism they developed this excellent quality edition.

I feel that I have to share with you my personal vision. When we decided to establish AIS SIGSEMIS, we said that we will WORK and that we will try to make people GET INVOLVED. Semantic Web can not live in a close context of few 100s of people worldwide. We must open the SW to the society.

We do believe in OPEN EDITIONS, we do believe in the POWER OF THE COMMUNITY, and we have a vision.

We want to make our OPEN RESEARCH SOCIETY, our new critical bet for the next years, a Non Government Organization promoting the vision for a better world based on knowledge and learning for all. We want you with us…

I am excited that we will have 1000s of downloads so I can’t wait more

Thank you for your great support to AIS SIGSEMIS, and of course I am looking forward for your comments and reaction to this edition.


Miltiadis D. Lytras


PS: Feel free to link our FactBook to your web sites with just a reference to:

Semantic Web Factbook, 2005, Lytras M. (eds), Preliminary edition, AIS SIGSEMIS and OPEN RESEARCH SOCIETY publications, ISSN: 1556-2301, May 2006. "

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